Our services
DAMAX PROJEKT d.o.o. is a company that specializes in the preparation of project documentation, construction supervision and project management of all types of projects and construction-related fields
  • project

    • architecture
    • statics
    • geodesy
    • heating, cooling and ventilation
    • water supply and sewage disposal
    • electrical installations
    • sprinkler

  • Through all
    project phases

    • Preliminary planning and design solutions
    • Location permit
    • Permit planning
    • Building permit
    • Executive planning
    • As built documentation
    • Tender documentation and contracting
    • Studies

  • For facilities with
    different purposes

    • trade
    • business
    • residential
    • gastronomy
    • industry
    • production

  • for a wide range
    of services

    • Planning
    • Construction supervision
    • Project management
    • Permit obtaining
    • Business and management consultancy
    • due diligence
    • representation of investors
    • preparation of investment programs
    • Support in determining the investment plans and analysis of the spatial planning documentation
    • Analysis of investment costs
    • Preparation of land plots for investments
    • Preparation of floor surveys and expert opinions/reports
    • Services of the safety and health protection coordinator in the planning phase (coordinator l) and in the execution phase (coordinator ll)
    • Construction costs estimates and consultancy
    • Consulting und Engineering