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we always attempt to cater to the client to the maximum of our capabilities

The principles we base our business on, and the advantages it brings our clients, are that we always attempt to cater to the client to the maximum of our capabilities. To this end, we also offer consulting services in course of implementing the project, whereby we aim to offer an optimal solution concerning planning, execution and the costs associated with the project realization, tailored to the customers and their needs. Through constant analysis, we are constantly developing the potential for further improvements.

Continuous training of our staff and our own professional apprenticeship are a guarantee for highly qualified staff for years to come.
Damax Projekt approaches a project from the customer's perspective, thereby performing its task as head planner in the planning and equipment of buildings. Our own project resources, together with a team of experts, provide us with the necessary flexibility for a timely implementation of high-quality projects.

We are able to offer our services in German and English and can quickly adapt to team-work with non-resident partners. The quality of this service finds confirmation in the confidence that we have gained with our regular clients, whom we have cooperated with in the realization of numerous investments in Croatia.

In the course of our functioning, we have complemented our experience and the business contacts made by cooperating with the best partners from similar business branches, thus making a link of relevant businesses, which enables us to offer services of a comprehensive master planner. "One responsible person to handle all questions and answers" is our motto, which makes it easier for the investor to carry out projects both in the sphere of planning and in the sphere of project management. In this way, we ensure time and cost savings, and also provide a simplified communication during the project coordination.

We offer a range of planning services starting with the design concept, main and execution project to the as-built documentation. We vouch for a high level of documentation elaboration as well as seamless coordination with other project participants.

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